Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ernesto Makes The Rain Grow

Rain. We have been waiting days for it. And Campers, HEEEERRREEE it comes!!!


As the remnants of tropical storm Ernesto travel north, flood watches are already up for the northern West Virginia area.


I'll be waiting on the fifth floor of the YWCA.

And if the water doesn't reach up that far then I'll just sit in my chair and read another paperback.

Let it rain.

Wave when you row by, Brother Noah.

And, just in case, save the last seat for me.

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alyceclover said...

Hey lady! Now-a-days, I'm back on the streets of Long Beach, and that hour at the library breezes by, so haven't gotten back to your recent post. Oops, I do have your e'dress. I do admire you, often tell my pals I wish I had courage like you do! Take care. "granny"