Saturday, August 26, 2006

An Open Letter To Google

Open Letter To Google: As you know, I have been blogging here since December 2004...almost two years. This is phenomenal considering how I did it...hitchhiking into unfamiliar cities, small towns and rural hamlets across North America...and seeking out a free-net access site like a library or community college or university and the rare cyber-cafe where I made this blog what it is today.

I watched Blogger develop along with my own blog. And I have enjoyed every aspect of my blogging experience...until now.

You are very aware of how pissed-off many bloggers are now. Your beta has turned-out to be nothing but bullshit.

The library that I'm at today doesn't allow me to post photos to my blog. They have constraints on their computers.

However, I will go to another library on Monday and within a couple of minutes I will know if I can post photos to my blog again. If not then I am going to edit this blog and save it as an archive. And I will continue my blog at another location.

I already have a place in mind.

And I'm not the only person who's going to do this.

Put all the spin on this that you want, Google, the fact is that there are many bloggers who've signed-up for beta that are having MAJOR problems now. I've visited the help group several times recently and if words were stones, ya'll would be dead by now!

My feed is messed-up...only parts of my blog are available on my cell phone...and you put MY EMAIL ADDRESS at the top of the page! You dumasses!

You should have warned us about the serious problems that were still possible within your beta system...BEFORE any of us switched over!!!

You didn't. SCREW YOU!

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