Friday, August 04, 2006

Open Letter To Simon Rosenberg

I received an interesting email the other day that included the following invitation:

["Monthly Members Only Conference Call with NDN President Simon Rosenberg
Friday, August 4th
2:15pm EST"]

So I signed-up and by golly, I talked to Mr. Rosenberg today. When I heard his words, I got disgusted very fast.


Because I asked Mr. Rosenberg [After I suggested Congressman Mike Ross D-Arkansas be the next Democratic candidate for President of the United States] if he sincerely meant that the Democratic Party would consider a good campaign idea from an average Jane Doe like me...If I submitted it to be helpful.

He suggested that I visit a certain website because it is running a contest in a competition for good campaign ideas.

I rolled my eyes. Of course, he didn't see that. He isn't aware that I wanted to tell him the following:


Mr. Rosenberg---

The position of Commander In Chief of the United States of America should never be reduced to something as irresponsible and superficial as a contest or a competition.

Ruthie Rader
A Citizen Who Actually Gives A Damn

P.S. My write-in vote for Mr. Ed, the Talking Horse, still stands...On all four hooves.

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