Monday, August 21, 2006

Ramsey Suspect's Flight A Disgrace!

I read about the fried prawns and champagne and chocolate cake and roast duck. I know that that worthless piece of human putz downed a beer and then smashed the can with his fist.

I also know that he called an AP reporter [a female on the plane] over to him and said that he appreciated that she described him as "looking straight in her eyes" when she interviewed him.

And Jon Benet, a little girl with a little body was smashed in the skull and then turned...very slowly...around and around and around...until the rope that held her up twisted tight enough to embed itself in her neck and cut off her air supply.

I'm posting these comments to remind everyone that this isn't a party, people. A little kid died a torturous, drawn-out and horrible death.

Somebody did it. Or some group did it.

I have my theories. I'm sure we all do.

But to allow, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, a man who says he killed that lovely child to sit on a plane and drink champagne is a DISGRACEFUL INJUSTICE to the death of a terrified, helpless little victim.

I don't care if he's nuts or not. He isn't the issue here. Jon Benet and the RESPECT that little girl deserves, even in death, is what we should ALL focus on.

No one should have handed that worthless S.O.B. french wine or pizza. Because the truth is that every single swallow that he took and every morsel that he enjoyed had Jon Benet Ramsey's name stamped on it!!!

I hope to heaven that justice is served so that sweet little angel can finally rest in peace.

Either way, whether he is found guilty or not...I also hope that we revert back to giving criminals what they truly deserve: A rough jail term or execution!

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