Friday, August 11, 2006

Reachelle Smith, Update

This post is in response to the one left, once again, by an anonymous poster who appears to be posting from Minot, North Dakota.

Check out the latest comments here:

["Hi Ruthie first of all I'm am not proclaiming myself a psychic and do not know if what I feel is psychic, I just have strange feelings about different things like hearing energy of electronics and people and just feelings about different people and things. I do not know if you would call it psychic though. Anyways I too hope this little girl is safe and I think this was probably just a nightmare considering I live in the town and have 3 children of my own It is every parents worst nightmare for a child to go missing! I did not mean that I know any more than what is published in the papers and internet because I don't, I'm left wondering just like everyone else. My nightmare probably just came from the fact that they were searching the rivers in town for her and this is such an aweful thing that has happened for a child to go missing. I too hope and pray she is found safe and sound! And I was just wondering what the psychics points of view are on this because I do believe in psychics and thier abilities and think that psychics should be helping in this especially considering they are completely out of leads and thier suspect is dead. I really hope this child is found safe and sound and soon."]

How do I know that the person is posting from Minot?

First of all, because I have two trackers on my blog. One of them is public and the other one isn't.

They both provide me with information on who sends what to me from where. Plus a great deal more information that would probably scare the pants off of some people!

Anyway, the anonymous poster from North Dakota intrigues me. That person has captured my interest.

I put that person under the "Things That Make You Go Hmmmm..." category.

So, I am responding once again to that person's latest comments:

Hello, Anonymous Poster:

Thank you for responding once again. I think that is the right thing to do.

I would like you to tell me EXACTLY what transpired in your dream. Even if you think it seems "silly." Because it might not be.

In an investigation, I believe that every clue should be considered as such until it is proven otherwise. Not the other way around.

So please tell me about the dream that you had three days after Reachelle Smith disappeared. I sincerely want to know about it.

You are welcome, as I already said, to send me an email if you are more comfortable doing that.

Thank you.

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