Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Reachelle Smith, Update

A man brought his bloodhound tracking dogs up from South Dakota and spent two days searching for little Reachelle Smith.

He found a flashlight.

It's a start.

And it tells me that while law enforcement and others have searched the area where Leigh Cowen's van and body were found...they haven't searched hard enough.

Otherwise, that flashlight would have already been found.

Searchers are still trying to find that sweet little girl...but I can't help but wonder if searching the refuge will only provide clues but not Reachelle. It's possible that Reachelle is still alive.

My heart goes out to the family and friends of that little darling. I don't want to see them in the same position as those who loved Jon Benet Ramsey.

And I would like the Anonymous Poster from Minot, North Dakota to contact me again and give me the answers to the questions that I asked.

In an effort to clarify what I am asking for, I am going to reprint the latest exchange of comments that I had with that person. Read on...

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