Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Requesting Dream Details From Minot

I also want to make another request to the reader from Minot, North Dakota who had the "dream" about Reachelle Smith:

Please contact me either by comment or email and give me the details of your dream. I really feel that your dream may be significant.

God works in mysterious ways...but He DOES work! And nobody knows more about justice than our Father in heaven.

So please contact me, thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ruthie, it's the poster from Minot again. This is embarrassing for me, but so your not left in the dark and wondering, I have since found out my dream is from anxiety and I am in no way a psychic. I was going to post you before but I'm really embarrassed that I posted you in the first place. I have a major anxiety problem and my brain makes me dwell on things that I can not understand for some reason. I can not understand how some one can hurt or take a child from thier parents, so when that hit so close to home it made me go into major anxiety mode. I have known for years that I have an anxiety problem but did not realise my dream was from it and my wierd feelings were from it until I spoke to people about it. And as for my dream it happened a few days after the amber alert I'm not sure on exact I think about three days could have been more it was the day they were draining the area of the river in oak park. We drove by there and I later that night read in the paper they were draining the area looking for her and again my mind started to dwell on it and I sat feeling so sorry for the family and could not even imagine being in thier shoes! And when I went to bed I had a vivid dream that has haunted me since and at the time made no sence so I tried to make sence out of it. It went like this I saw a child floating in the water and someone said to me it was mine and I looked and it was and started screaming no my baby! and woke up in a cold sweat. It bothered me ever since and I couldn't make sence of it so I thought maybe it was god trying to send me a message about the little girl being in the water. But I have since realised that it was my anxiety because they were searching the water and should have realised that sooner and I need to learn how to control it and not dwell over things constantly and that is why I decided to write you and let you know so I could let you know that I'm not a psychic and I don't know anything more than anyone else I'm really sorry to even have brought up my STUPID dream and bother you with my own problems. Anxiety really sucks because of things like this where as normal people get depressed from something sad and get over it I don't know how to get over things or let things go. So there is the dream and again I'm sorry for even saying anything in the first place because now I'm embarrassed and ashamed of claiming special abilities. If you don't want to you don't have to post this on your sight and would save me more embarrassment but you can if you want.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

I have in fact decided to post your comments and I've done it for several reasons:

First of all, I publish every comment that's sent to me. The only exception would be if the comment was obscene, threatening or libelous. And even then, I might edit the words and post the comment anyway.

Second, I still don't know if you are on the level with me or just playing some sort of high school prank.

But I will post your words anyway because...I know that God sends messages to people in many ways. I have no idea why He might have chosen you but I always know that God knows what He's doing.

You said that you dreamed that you saw a child floating in the water. I have some questions to ask you about that dream:

Was the child a female?
Was the child floating face up or face down?
What color was the child's hair?
Was the hair straight or curly?
What was the child wearing?
Did the child have shoes on?
Do you remember anything else...such as sounds, smells, familiar landmarks?
You said that someone told you that the child was yours. Do you know who that person was? Did you recognize the voice? Did you see the person or just hear someone talking? Was this person male or female?
Even if the child appeared to be yours...please send me the answers to the above questions...this is very important. I believe that you're doing the right thing.
Finally, you said that you have since found out that your dream is associated with a psychological condition.
If, in fact, you sincerely had this dream and are who you say you are then I don't believe this has anything to do with a condition. Balderdash! It has everything to do with God.
Listen to Him. Sit in a quiet place and call Him to you. He will respond. God made a promise that He would always hear his child's cry...and if you are sincere...He will hear you. Ask Him to give you insight and guide your steps. Tell Him that you want to know more and that you want to find Reachelle.
And stay in contact with me!

Ruthie In The Sky said...

I also want to tell you about an experience that I had awhile back:

There was a serial killer who taunted police for years. That person killed many people, including kids.

One day a man made a statement on a tv news show that set the ball rolling to the killer's eventual capture: "I know BTK better that BTK knows himself."

The killer saw that tv interview and reacted...sending out cryptic puzzle messages and "trophies" that belonged to a number of his victims.

John Walsh and "America's Most Wanted" set-up a forum in hopes that someone would start to lay-out clues to the killer's identity.

I felt led to that case and started posting. I said quite a bit and carried my comments over to another popular "BTK" site and also created a BTK page of my own.

And it was on that page that I created where I posted photos of wolves and declared: "BTK: Alpha's Black Wolves will find you one night soon."

During that time I received two phone calls at my home. I won't go into what was said.

But on the day that the killer was finally captured, it came as no surprise to me that his name is:

Dennis Rader.

The man has the same last name as I do. And every time that I posted on sites that discussed him before he was caught, Dennis saw his own name.

And when I created my own page and featured animals...and inferred that the animals would capture him...I'm sure Dennis saw it and reacted. I'm positive he did.

It made a difference because Dennis was very tied to his computer and to the internet. He was also an animal control officer.

I'm sure that I spooked and intrigued him in more than one way. And in the end, Dennis' computer was his undoing.

He sent out a computer disk that carried his name and the location of the computer that he used...his own...in the office at his church.

Dennis Rader got away with murder for years because he painted himself as an upstanding pillar of the community.

He was a city employee that rubbed shoulders with law enforcement and
was president of his Lutheran church!

So don't think that so-called "professionals" know everything! They don't! But God does!

Keep this in mind, Anonymous poster from Minot, North Dakota.

Finally, remember: There is nothing more powerful than prayer.