Saturday, August 19, 2006

Ruthie Off The Road, Update

Welcome from beautiful downtown Wheeling, West Virginia! Oh, Campers, I have so much to do and so much to tell you!!!

I am only allowed an hour at the public library so I will have to wait until Monday to see if I can find a better free-net access site.

I rolled into Wheeling on an ancient Greyhound early Sunday morning. I had twenty-five cents in my pocket when I stepped off the bus.

Today, as I type this, I have new clothes, some clunky jewelry, painted nails and my own private room at the YWCA.

[Click on the post headline above to read a recent article about the Wheeling YWCA.]

I will keep the room for the winter.

Yes, Campers, I have come in to port for repairs.

My left foot is in serious need of medical intervention. In fact, I now have an appointment with a doctor and a medical card to help pay the man's bill.

I will be getting an eye exam and new glasses soon.

And I am resting. Oh lordy, but I am resting well. Geez, I didn't realize just how tired I am!

I sat on a cold sidewalk, wrapped in a blanket in downtown Boston in April. I watched the sun rise above US Highway 2 in rural Washington State in June. I have watched the boats drifting out to the horizon from a dock in Newport, Oregon. I have gazed at the mountains near Helena, Montana and had a heart-to-heart talk with someone in Jonesboro, Arkansas. I have done all of this in 2006.

Now I am here. Yeehaw!!!

My room is situated in a building that was built around 1917. My room, on the fifth floor, looks out on the beautiful green West Virginia hills. Or "hee-ils" as the locals call them.

Walking down the streets of this town [or limping in my case] one is reminded over and over that this is a very old, historical city.

Buildings sport cornerstones from the turn-of-the-century. And as the evening mist rises above the river and curls around the old bridge...I can almost hear the banjos play.

It is a place to "sit down and patch my bones" [thank you, Grateful Dead] and save some money. Next summer I will return to my beloved Alaska.

Yes, Campers, what I planned to find when I left the Pacific Ocean in Newport, Oregon I have found here in Wheeling, West Virginia.

I am looking forward to the winter. The folks here are so warm.

At the "Y", people smile and the coffee is always on. I love the desk in my room with the antique [really!] gooseneck lamp and the ceiling fan.

What will I write about while I'm here?

Oh, YOU KNOW...Many things!

I will post photos of the "Y", my room and downtown Wheeling next month.

The other day I went to the YWCA boutique and acquired some very beautiful clothes and a little bling.

This morning the ladies fixed me a cup of coffee and fresh pancakes with maple syrup.

Somebody pinch me!

I have already been invited to church on Sunday.

That guy who stole my pack in Utah must really be suffering now.

Because I'm not!

God bless me.

Ruthie is off the road for the winter here in West Virginia.

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