Friday, August 11, 2006

Ruthie On The Road, Update

It was bound to happen again. I think it's in the law of averages: "For every two people out there willing to act like decent human beings...There's always one that's a total jerk."

I found that jerk in Lehi, Utah.

Yup. That person decided to drop me off on an onramp to I-15 South. That part was okay. But after I closed the front passenger-side door and reached over to open the back door...guesssss what?

The guy automatically locked all four doors and then gunned the engine.

He roared up the ramp and my big backpack with all of my belongings in it went with him.


Except this time, I kept my Walkman and my cell phone.

Well, I'm doing better, eh?

Sooo...After filing a report with the Lehi, Utah police department, I continued on my way.

My way culminated in some very good rides with two great truckers and two nights in a motel.

The first motel is in the tiny town of Byers, Colorado. And it is in that town that I not only got a good night of sleep but I also got a new little bag, some new clothes, food and even a new disposable camera.

Last night, I snuggled under the covers at the Fairfield Inn [can you say Marriott?] in Terre Haute, Indiana.

I do alright. Despite the idiots...Ruthie always does alright.

And just in case that loser from Utah reads my blog, I have a message for you:

:p THBZZZzzzzz!!!

You'll pay for what you did. Anyone who hurts me always does!


Anonymous said...

Jeez, what is wrong with people!? Would it be unreasonable to keep your bag up front with you?

Ruthie In The Sky said...

I will from now on.

But I hope within the next few days to light a brighter fire under the Lehi Police Department and will also be checking with another jurisdicion about the theft.

The guy, as I said, is a loser [who but a real slacker would steal from a woman?!?] and will be paid back for doing what he did.

I'm very happy that I am now in his shoes right now. Nor will I ever be.

A friend told me that when things started to go very well for me to remember what that means.

It means that things are starting to go very BAD for that other guy.

Well, good things are happening to me now.