Sunday, August 27, 2006

They Weren't On Comair Flight # 5191!

I posted the following before I was aware of the crash of Comair Flight #5191 in Lexington, Kentucky today. According to the Associated Press, 49 people on board died and one person is fighting to survive.

And I can't help but feel even more disgusted by the people in the church that I visited this morning.

How easy it was for them to close ranks and isolate themselves from the rest of the world!

Meanwhile, 49 people suffered and became angels today.

Now their families are left to pick up the pieces.

If it had happened here, I wonder what those so-called Christians would have done?

My Original Post:

I went to a different church today for worship and I was VERY disappointed. No way I'm going back there, again! Sheeesh!

The pastor (a woman) was very nice (at least until she saw me put nothing in the collection plate) but the rest of the congregation was stiff, uptight and really unfriendly.

If having Jesus in your heart means that you treat a poor newcomer like a leper...then I'll stick to my own religion.

I didn't ask those people for a darn thing. And although I cracked my Bible several times...nobody there ever cracked a genuine smile.

So buh-bye!

I'm sure that God was thrilled with that group's hapless singing and zombie behavior.

I may not have a gilded key to heaven's gate (yet) but when it comes to being on fire for the Lord...those folks don't have a prayer.


April said...

You're right to move on. My personal rule is no first time visitor should give a cent at a new church unless they really want to. They're guests. It'd be like inviting someone over for dinner and handing them a check afterwards and expecting payment.

A church should be thrilled you came and expect nothing but polite attention. I can sure appreciate budgets and tight finances but the bible, from my memory, speak more about teaching the masses than keeping the church's books balanced.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Hello April! I just checked-out your blog and am totally in love with it* And I am going to add it to my growing list of super-cool bloggers.

Thank you for your comments. It does my heart good to know that somebody sees in my words what I felt last Sunday.

I just didn't have any money. And it irked me no end that those so-called "Christians" placed no value at all on my soul.

They just wanted money in the plate.

I left a message in the guest book before I left and said: "You made me feel very unwelcome."

Do you think they made any attempt to contact me?

Heck no!

And you know what the irony is in this whole situation?

I live right across the street and my window looks right out at their building.

How do you like those snob-polished apples?