Monday, September 11, 2006

A 9/11 Warning

Five years ago, my friend David and I were happy but tired.

We had spent the night before the nightmare hitchhiking along the side of the road outside of Salem, Massachusetts.

We talked, smooched and swatted mosquitoes while we tried to get a ride.

We were headed for New York City.

But some omens had appeared in the days and nights leading up to 9/11. We were aware of them but pretended that they didn't mean anything.

No one knows about them...except me...and David.

I believe that pure evil was released on the morning of September 11, 2001.

And in all of my years on the earth...I have never felt that dark presence like I did on that day.

We didn't come face-to-face with mortal terrorists, Campers. Our souls smacked into the gates of hell.

And for a twenty-four hour period...those gates stayed open.

This is why I know that all of the bombs, bullets, prisons, policies and procedures on earth will never stop that evil from returning again.

I took that damned evil aura of 9/11 as a warning.

Stars and stripes mean nothing to Satan.

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