Friday, September 15, 2006

Bad Words From Better People?

It must be the moon.

Yesterday I learned that the missing little boy, Trenton Duckett, has lost his mother.

If that boy is's very sad to know that his mother never will be again.

Nancy Grace nailed the woman in a televised interview. Later, the woman took out a shotgun and killed herself.

Trenton Duckett's whereabouts might have died with her.

And I am totally disgusted with Grace.

Way to screw-up the search, Nancy, you freaking idiot!

No matter how you try to shrug it off, YOU, O jackass "journalist", might as well have shot Trent's mom yourself.

And then there's the Pope.

He soundly bashed the entire Muslim population worldwide. And did it before he is to visit Turkey in November.

How do you say "dum" in Latin?

We all screw-up now and then.

But I expect better from a high-profile news person and a man of God!

All I can say is: Nancy/Your Grace...and Pope/Your time you take your stupid suit to the cleaners...LEAVE IT THERE!


Pixie said...

I was watching Nancy No-
Grace last week ... the ticker below the show stated "Trenton Duckett's mother's body has been found at the Grandparent's home since this recording was aired" (or something like that).

Ms. Grace is a Barbie doll who tries to be tough but in reality is a marionette. She has ZERO talent and is more like a pissed-off berating mother than a reporter.

And she f*cked up. Bad. I wonder how many cases would be solved by now if not for the horrendous media taking on the roll of investigator? There is no such thing as "investigative reporting" anymore... then again, there is no more "news". It's all melodrama and intrusive b.s. It's not real. Any of it.

Want the truth? Turn off your tv.

It's all a "reality show". Form your own opinions and dig deeper - there are resources available for correct information - and they are at your fingertips. *hint*.

Love you Ruthie.

In my Sky.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Now THIS is how a person is supposed to post a comment on my blog!

To read how to do it the wrong way, check-out the comments under my recent post "Open Letter To Trench Head."

Thanks for your comment, Pixie.

I love the comparison of Nancy Grace to a marionette!

Yeah,, dumass, dance!

I love you too, Pixie*