Monday, September 11, 2006

Reachelle Smith/Sabrina Allen and Me

In case you are wondering, the tie that the missing little girl Reachelle Smith and I have is our birthday. Both Reachelle Smith and I were born on September 10th.

Yesterday, as I celebrated my birthday, I thought about little Reachelle and wondered if she was somewhere celebrating her birthday, too. I doubt it.

How could she do something that happy and personal when she's far away from the family that she belongs to?

When I opened the door of my room at the YWCA yesterday morning, I was greeted by a cake and a nice card that all of the ladies on the floor signed. All but two, that is.

And those two women I just plain pity.

We all know what their problem is: They're jealous and hateful because they haven't lost enough in life yet.

If they had a daughter like Reachelle Smith or Sabrina Allen...maybe they'd spend more time seeking out the good in other people.

Reachelle's family and friends had to endure her birthday yesterday without knowing where she is.

And that's horrible.

Sabrina Allen's father and friends spent yet another day without their young girl.

How terribly sad.

Nothing good will ever come from taking a child away from those that love her.

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