Thursday, September 07, 2006

Smiling Faces Tell Lies

This is a copy of a poem that I mailed to myself years ago so that I wouldn't lose it on the road. [I used to go by the name of "blondie stargaze" on the internet.] Notice the date: April 17, 2000. I am posting it here without editing...but in its orginal form, exactly as I sent it to myself.

The poem is amazing due to the fact that...well...the anniversary of 9/11 is approaching. I'll let you read the words and draw your own conclusion:


HTTP;Mon, 17 Apr 2000 17:34:01 PDT there was an old shop in the center of town and while the new store's prices were going up the bargain shop came tumbeling down... and it's amazing how something once so tall crumbled so quickly under the wrecking ball... one day i walked by and i saw something that shot the image through: on the pile of bricks and rubble more than a dozen flowers grew... swaying in the breeze they brought the myth of destruction to it's humble knees... now there's a new park in the center of town and in one corner freedom still blossoms with a beautiful sound... can't you see? it's not a tower of glass and steel that decides how we feel it is more the power in a single flower that whispers..."life is real"... and all old wounds do heal. ---> an original poem by blondie stargaze.*

Remember, Campers...I wrote that poem in the year 2000.

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