Monday, September 11, 2006

Watch Your Language, Heros!

CBS aired an excellent, heart-wrenching documentary about the 9/11 firefighters last night. The local CBS station here in Wheeling decided to delay the broadcast and didn't start showing it until midnight.

The excuse that the station used was the fact that the documentary includes "strong language."

Well gee, ya think?!!

Those brave men were in the midst of a horrible hell that day!

Were they supposed to say something like:

"Golly...there goes another body...crashy, crashy, crashy...tsk,tsk, just look at what this awful white dust is doing to my complexion!"

[crossing my arms and staring the general manager of that local station straight in the eye]

How pathetic to realize that this same station routinely broadcasts footage of death and destruction in the Middle East on the CBS Evening News.

Without a warning.

At dinner time.

Shame on you, WTRF channel 7!!!

Those brave firefighters didn't hesitate to rush in and help on September 11, 2001.

Too bad your station decided to wait until the middle of the night last honor their courage!

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