Friday, October 27, 2006

Blogger Beta Balderdash!

First of all, I know the outages and rigamarole this past week has affected your access to my blog, Campers.


In fact, several times I couldn't even access my own blog!

I couldn't open it up, couldn't log-in or otherwise get to "Ruthie In The Sky."

Not cool!

And this is what one of the engineers with Blogger had to say in HIS blog to all of us: "It’s worth pointing out that none of this past week’s trouble affected the new version of Blogger or its blogs."

AHEM! Hey, engineer...I got a news flash for you!

Yer wrong!

This beta business is beginning to turn into one big joke!

Let's see if you can keep the whole thing floating until next Fall. I need it that long until my book is finished.


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