Friday, October 27, 2006

God Bless You, Michael!

Just when I thought that I'd seen it all, another pound of poop fell down on the pile.

What I saw made me sit back and say "I didn't just see that." And what I heard made me say "He didn't really say those words."

But he did.

As you may know, Campers, Michael J. Fox has been campaigning for stem-cell research.

He taped an ad that aired recently and ugly American by the name of Rush Limbaugh responded.

It took major balls for Fox to step back in the spotlight. We're talking brass cajones, Campers!

Michael is suffering the effects of Parkinson's disease and yet is determined to fight and live to the end.

He is a total inspiration to me!

He is my hero.

Rush Limbaugh is an ass!

He questioned the validity of Fox's symptoms. And flinging his arms around, he did a shameful job of making fun of Michael.

And he's still behind a mic flinging his crud nationwide.

With his hatred and ignorance, Limbaugh doesn't broadcast free speech. He delivers the radio equivalent of uncontrolled diahreaha!

I asked myself HOW could Limbaugh be so insensitive! HOW??!!

Has he watched so much CSI that he's no longer in touch with the sanctity of human life?

Has the rising toll of Americans killed in Iraq numbed his soul?

I wonder.

But I want to point out here, front and center, that I am not afraid of Limbaugh's inhuman view of life.

Because Michael J. Fox has reminded me that there are still good people in the world.

Good, strong people who will pass the torch on to the next flame that will shine bright and warm us all!

God Bless You, Michael J. Fox!


Burfica said...

amen ruthie

Ruthie In The Sky said...

As long as you and I and a few more people can recognize good people...there is still hope for this world.