Thursday, October 05, 2006

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I left Burlington, Iowa late yesterday afternoon.

I walked into a printing place to ask for directions and the lady there told me that if I would wait around for an hour...she'd drive me over the bridge to Illinois, herself.

I had never met that woman before.

But she was kind enough to take me a good 25 miles in to Western Illinois. After dropping me off, she turned around and returned to her home in Burlington.

I got two great rides with truckers after that.

And ended up about ten miles east of Toledo, Ohio at three o'clock this morning.

Yes, Campers, I am heading back to the East Coast.


I've decided that I need to get away from western cedar, sagebrush, dust, etc.

And I may not live in Wheeling but I will find a place to be hang my smile on the eastern side of the Country!

But when I got here, I sat on the guard rail by the on ramp and nobody picked me up. It's still that way.

I got one ride and am now on route 20 with rude rednecks, hateful truckers and locals who don't trust anybody.

And although I made phone calls and asked around, nobody is willing to give me a warm place to stay tonight.

And as soon as I am done here, I'm going back on the road with my flashlight, my backpack and a ten-ton weight of exhaustion.


Burfica said...

I hope you find a nice soft bed soon.

Miranda said...

Wow, what an adventure, dont you find that kind of scarey? I mean I'd love to just go out on the road, but hitchhiking could be scarey.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Your profile is scary, Miranda.

Not to mention downright weird!

I don't know as I would want to spend any time with you.

So I am going to tell you this. Once. :

Back Off!