Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Where Are We Winning?

Next week I am moving into the place where I will spend the winter. I am still here in Altoona and I plan to stay here until next June.

And I've been following the developments in Iraq, at Ford Motor and on the field at the World Series.

It got me thinking...[uh oh!]

The military conflict between the United States and Iraq has been going on for a number of miserable years now. Ford Motor has been rolling out wheels for about eight decades. And the World Series of Major League Baseball has been going on for about 102 years.

Which has meant the most to the USA?

The battle, the autos or baseball?

I assume that most of you would say the autos. Right?

So why is Ford Motor Company now billions of dollars in the red?

And what about Iraq?

Are we in the United States better for what our military has done over there?

And why do you suppose the fans in Detroit packed Comerica Stadium the other night to watch the Tigers beat the St. Louis Cardinals?

Ford Motor is in trouble in that State. And all over the United States as well.

They're losing. Michigan workers are losing. Workers all over the United States are losing, too.

The U.S. military toll of Americans killed in Iraq is now the highest that it's ever been.

So maybe that's why so many folks in Detroit and St. Louis and all over the Country are tuning in and rooting for one of those baseball teams.

Perhaps it's because they realize that the World Series is one of the only games left in the United States where an American will be guaranteed to win.


mary said...

Can't answer the question. JQ Public is diverse, but most seem to have no interest in World Affairs, making baseball a popular diversion. Or something like that. Glad to know you are ok.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

I am okay, Mary! And one find day, Rob Deer's team will be back in the World Series, too!