Monday, November 27, 2006

I Can See Clearly Now


It has been exactly one month to the day since I last posted in this blog. Yeeehaw!!!

Here I am...Back!!!

SO, WHAT HAPPENED TO ME IN ALL THAT TIME??? I will tell you [well, duh!]:

I moved into a hotel that first opened in 1921. Yup, and I already know that my room is haunted.

Not long after I moved in, a picture that was hung securely on the wall and covered with glass "exploded." Shards of glass flew everywhere and the picture, frame and all, lifted off the hook and fell down behind the headboard in the back of my bed.

The hook that the picture was secured to remained in the wall. And no, the picture wasn't joined to the hook by a wire or anything else. The picture was hanging right on that hook in such a way that it couldn't have just fell by itself. It would have had to have been lifted off that hook.


And I hung a really wet shirt that I had rinsed-out over the shower curtain in the bathroom. Sure enough, after a short while, I returned to the bathroom and the shirt just flew off the rod!

So I just sat down on the throne and told the ghost in no uncertain terms that I am staying in that room for the winter. I explained that I am a nice lady and after traveling thousands of miles this year, I'm taking a well-deserved rest.

The ghost hasn't bothered me since.

I finally have new glasses and last week the hotel folks got me a new TV. Now, instead of having one channel like I did in Wheeling, I have 80. And it sure is nice to watch CNN and the Weather Channel! I also enjoy the old black-and-whites on Turner Classic Movies which I think is also keeping the ghost happy.

The hotel that I now live in was a THE place to stay in this town years ago. It's huge! And I get a private bath, phone, desk, microwave, refrigerator and housekeeping once a week. The nice lady who cleans my room changes my bed linens and replaces my towels, etc.

So why haven't I updated my blog before this?

I was tired and my foot has been bothering me and I had to wait to get the specs that I have now.

When I had my eyes examined, the doc told me that the vision in one of my eyes is deteriorating.

I'm okay with that. Consider, Campers, how much I've had the opportunity to see over the years!

And given the choice, I would rather lose my sight than lose my hearing!

Music is my life! It runs through my ears and into my veins like lifeblood. And I hope that it always will.

My hearing in one ear is almost gone now. But I will visit an audiologist this winter and hopefully we will find a way to hold onto what hearing that I have left.


Burfica said...

Nice to hear you have a warm bed and can see. hehehee

Ghosts are no big deal as long as they aren't being harmful.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Says YOU!!!

I should have expected the ghost to be there.

It's just that kind of place.

And since it's Christmas, I will be okay with it as long as I don't hear any chains dragging too!

Pixie said...

You're so brave. I'd have been outta there faster than you could say hello! LOL!

God, it's good to see you Ruthie.