Friday, December 22, 2006

Ruthie In The Sky Is Two!

This month marks the second anniversary of "Ruthie In The Sky."

And I am happy to know that after all the experiences and miles, this blog is still going strong.

I plan to begin the fascinating feat of transforming this blog into a book.

Happy New Year, Campers.

May the crackles in your campfire always make you smile.

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mary said...

so this is Christmas...let's hope it's a good one...well, you probably know the tune...

...Thanks for letting me know you updated.

Two police officers were shot in Long Beach today, cops went wild, looking for the suspects. I hung back from trying to cross streets~two cruisers going in one direction, another coming out of a side street, bypassing stopped vehcile, almost collided.

The shooters abadoned their Van. Violent crimes and gang activity has increased. There's suppossed to be a Unity march tomorrow.

Maybe "Jesus" is using you to test and judge some folks, ya think?