Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ruthie On The Road, Update II

I hobbled over to the hospital and when I got to the ER, a nurse gave me a terrible look.

I mean, she was downright hateful.

Granted, I looked like road kill but I had just traveled over two-thousand miles! And not all of it on a truck!

I wasn't neat and clean and spiffy like Britney Barbie doll. But I was cold, tired and my panties were sure as hell on!!

The ER nurse took one look at me and whisked out the door to consult the doctor.

The doc came in and told me to list my symptoms fast because he had "patients" to take care of.

I showed him my swollen foot.

His eyes reflected my concern and he told me that I should be seen, alright.

But when I went into the examination room, the nurse glared as she threw a gown at me from a cupboard.

I decided that I'd had enough.

Foot or no foot, I was not going to be treated like that.

So after the nurse left, I slipped out of the room and walked out of the hospital. Back into the cold night.

I cried all the way up the ramp and sat down on the guardrail again.

My attitude lasted about fifteen-minutes and then I decided that I wouldn't let Montana kill me with hypothermia.

So I limped back down the ramp and into the lobby of the Comfort Inn.

The man at the desk stared at me and then called 911.

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