Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ruthie On The Road, Update IV

The next morning, the sun rose bright but cold above the Sunday highway.

I walked back up that freakin' ramp, sat down on the guardrail and sighed.

And sure enough, smug "religious" folks in their nice SUV's glided by me and stared.

A half-hour later, an old man in a cowboy hat slowed-down by me and then stopped.

He opened the passenger door and told me that he was going the other way to Billings.

But he had passed me in the westbound lane and decided to come back and check on me.

I told him that I was heading back to Pennsylvania. Then he reached into his shirt pocket and asked me if I needed some cash.

I told him no. I didn't want his money. I didn't have any but for some reason I just wanted to see his smile. That's all.

He noticed my bare hands and gave me his gloves. Then he passed over a hot cup of coffee and told me he'd pray for my safe return to Altoona.

When he pulled away, I felt like I had been kissed by an angel.

Five minutes later, a trucker named Bill, stopped his truck and I finally left Miles City, Montana behind.

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