Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ruthie On The Road, Update V

Bill ended up taking me all the way from Miles City, Montana to a distribution center in Savage, a city outside of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

I stayed in his truck overnight, eating peanut butter and jam sandwhiches and cottage cheese with pineapples.

We talked for hours.

The next morning, I got a hot cup of coffee at Mickey D's and noticed a city bus shelter outside.

I sat there drinking coffee and then a bus pulled up.

The driver, a woman, smiled at me and decided, after I told her my story, to drive me down to an onramp. She was on break and put her finger to her lips and winked.

Hitchhiking is illegal in Minnesota, so I put out my thumb. Within minutes, a cop rolled past, staring straight ahead.

A little while after that, a woman stopped and drove me to a ramp near a truck stop.

Ten minutes after that, a man stopped. That man, with a big grin on his face and apples in the backseat of his SUV, changed everything.

You see, Campers, he is "The Apple Man."

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