Thursday, December 21, 2006

Ruthie On The Road, Update

Okay! Merry freaking Christmas, Ya'all!

What happened to me??? Oh!!! Let me tell ya!

I left Grand Junction, Colorado after my fifty-dollar Walkman was ripped-off and ended up in the adjoining town of Fruita.

Once I got there, I wandered around in the dark for awhile and then ended up at a church. They were having a Wednesday night service.

The people there were very friendly and after Bible study, they took me to a nice motel where I stayed the night.

The next morning, I bought a tall can of Rock Star and walked out to the ramp. And I waited for more than five hours before a big truck finally skidded to a stop.

The man who picked me up ended up taking me to California. We stayed in a motel at a truck stop in the small city of Gilroy. Two days later we went through a storm to Oregon.

I asked the DMV to replace my ID. They refused. I was told that I am now a resident of the State of Pennsylvania.



So I left with the trucker to Montana.

He was quite a con, that driver. In the end, he told me to shell-out fifty-dollars in foodstamps. He also told me that he loved my gloves. Then those 100-grain thinsulate genuine buckskin gloves mysteriously disappeared.

And I never got any of the food or the gloves back. At 3:00 in the afternoon, on a very cold day in Miles City, Montana, his truck "broke down." Yeah, right.

He said that his truck wasn't "running right" and told me to get another ride from there.

I left with no money, no food and gloves on my hands.

I walked up on the ramp, mad as hell, and tried from then to 10:30 p.m. that night to flag down a ride.

Nobody...not one person...not a single soul...even slowed-down.

I walked back down from that ramp, shivering down to my toes, and tried to figure-out what to do next.

The wind was beginning to kick-up and that driver was no longer around.

Imagine that.

So, I decided to walk to the nearby hospital.

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