Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Gerald Ford: Words Not Ignored

After two days and a good rest, I am getting back on the bus again in a little while.

I really needed that break!

I watched a bit of Former President Gerald Ford's funeral [the big one] this morning on CNN.

And I shook my head as the present President George Bush escorted the former First Lady Betty Ford down the aisle in that huge cathedral.

But then I thought about the videos, those precious, priceless interviews that Mr. Ford saved for after he passed over.

His words rang in my mind. And I smiled.

Gerry didn't want the present war the way it is being fought today in the Middle East.

And George Bush could walk Gerry's wife all the way to Crawford, Texas. And he'd never make his war policy right.

He might have had the last walk with Betty Ford.

But former United States President and Commander-in-Chief Gerald R. Ford...got the last word in.

The right one: PEACE.


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