Monday, January 29, 2007

My January Journey III

I was furious! And even though I walked down poorly-lit streets in an industrial area...I never got jumped. My glare of anger kept everyone away from me.

I finally got a few rides and ended-up shivering in the early morning cold outside of Columbia, Missouri.

A State cop finally stopped and took me to a truck-stop. Then a guy who is the spitting-image of the late tv-journalist Ed Bradley picked me up and took me to a travel center about forty-miles away.

He threw me ten-bucks which I used to get breakfast and a very hot cup of coffee!

Then two sisters from Maine drove me in to Columbia, Missouri.

We used their cell phone to track down a homeless shelter in that city. It is operated by the Salvation Army.

The man who answered the phone told me that I couldn't stay there because I didn't have a photo ID card.

The temperature was 18 above zero when he made that decision.

So the ladies from Maine took me to the store where I bought some eats with my other plastic card. Then they took me over to a motel and bought me a room with a plastic card of their own.

I went back on the road the next morning...and made it through [brrrr!!!] K-K-Kansas and then met a man from the National Guard in Colorado...

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mary said...

It's not funny, but can only smile, and wonder about people. (Salvation Army rule, sigh)What if God was putting you before such people to test their goodness?