Monday, January 29, 2007

My January Journey IV

The man in the National Guard was in uniform when he stopped his truck and picked me up.

He told me that he is nearing retirement and he had a decision to make: Either he took early retirement and remained Stateside or extended his hitch and risked being sent to the mess in the Middle East.

I told him to retire and stay put.

"You know" I said, "If it comes here then your family, friends and everyone here will need you. They will rely on your training and expertise. I think you should stay here. Stand tall and guard the home-front."

When he dropped me off, he handed me a wad of money and told me thank you.

And when another guy drove me to interstate 25, south of Denver [I had to dive south and get away from the polar path known as interstate 70] I counted the cash that the
National Guard guy gave me. That night I bought a motel room with his contribution...

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