Monday, January 29, 2007

My January Journey

And just where have I been?!! On the road, Campers...on the long,cold,ice-covered path to point B.

I hitchhiked down to Barstow, California and then battled my way past the mindset of paranoid drivers [who I'm sure all watched that new movie"THE HITCHER"

and the frosty face-slapping storms in Texas, Oklahoma and Texas [before I finally turned north after reaching Greensboro, North Carolina and discovering that trucker pee-bottles look even worse when left frozen on interstate ramps].

While on my January Journey I met several interesting characters, including a Mennonite woman who [after I traveled with truckers from North Carolina to Washington DC to New Jersey and back to Virginia] talked me into getting back on a [Aackkk!] Greyhound bus. She helped me get a ticket from Marion, Virginia to Oregon.

Did it work out?


Sure, I got on the bus...but then came St. Louis...

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