Monday, January 01, 2007

Busing Like A Bad Dog!

Soooo...was the problem with Greyhound just limited to me?

I decided to circulate around the bus station in Chicago after I returned from the library and find out.

One woman told me that she misplaced her ticket after falling asleep on the bus [When you are tired, it is easy to lose your MIND on that rolling sardine can!] and said that she had paid for her ticket with a credit card.

When she contacted Greyhound about getting a replacement ticket, the "customer service" person that she spoke to told her to "be more responsible" and then disconnected the call.

Another man bought his ticket and started his journey from Watertown, New York. His final destination is Corvallis, Oregon.

When the ticket agent in New York set-up the man's itinerary, she routed him through Denver!!!

Well, when the man got to Chicago he realized that he would be delayed [Ya think?!] and asked the Chicago Greyhound staff to re-route him.

When he spoke to the Chicago Greyhound "customer service" person, she told him [I kid you not!] that "only a stupid fool would have bought a ticket through Denver." THEN, she re-routed him, re-issued his ticket and CHARGED HIM TEN-DOLLARS FOR THAT "SERVICE"!!!

I wonder how many times, every day, incidents like those described above, take place either in Chicago, or somewhere within the Greyhound company network?

I would like to hear about ANY negative experiences that you, my Campers, have had with Greyhound.

That company needs a serious and total shakedown. And then Greyhound needs to shape up!

Every business in the United States has rules that it has to follow in order to legally operate as a business.

Greyhound is thumbing its nose at some of those rules.

I have a rule of my own: Whenever I am a customer, I expect quality service.

That rule starts the second that I put my first dollar down on the counter.

And I bet a whole bunch of dollars that every Camper that reads this will agree with me.


John Smith said...

Having taken Greyhound many times I can tell you that Chicago is one place to avoid going thru if you can. I know that it can be hard as it is a big city and major hub for travel. It just seems that there is always some kind of delay or miscommunication there. The only other place that I would say to avoid is the Albuquerque station. Their security guards are Nazis.

As far as getting an exchange or refund it can be done. It can be a pain too. I've done it once. I didn't use my ticket as someone in family passed away at the time, I didn't go on my trip, and I didn't return the ticket soon enough. I've since learned to take care of stuff like this ASAP. I called the Dallas number and was put on hold for 40 minutes. Then I was told that I could send, by certified mail, the unused ticket to Dallas and addressed to the person I spoke with at customer service. It got to be about 2.5 later weeks which is what was promised so I called to ask what the hold up was. I got my new ticket 2 days after the call.

So all told I got it back about 3 weeks later.

If I had been in a hurry this wouldn't have worked obviously.

But that is my experience with Greyhound, maybe it will help someone else. This was summer 2005 by the way.

mary said...

I would say my experiences with Greyhound have been more negative than positive. It's not the company so much as the hired help.

Out of 'net time.

Will tell tales 'nother time.