Monday, February 12, 2007

My January Journey VII

The man drove me to a beautiful neighborhood lined with big-ticket homes.

"Holy cow!" I thought. "Whoa!"

The home includes, among other things, polished hardwood floors, a solarium and a working fireplace in the living room.

A woman was seated at a table, working on a scrapbook about her family. She looked up and smiled when the man introduced me.

For a craft person, she did a great job on her project.

I stood there and slowly looked around. Antelope and deer heads stared back at me from the walls. Leather chairs and couches invited relaxation. I was just about to take a seat on one of them when the family pet came bounding in.

What I saw before me is a cross between a Saint Bernard and a horse. That animal is the largest dog that I have ever seen!

It panted and slobbered while I took two steps back.

"Now I see why you aren't afraid to bring home hitchhikers!" I declared.

"Aw...he's just a big baby" said the man.

I agreed with the big part.

It turns out that the man is an outfitter and bush pilot. He takes guys out to various wild locations where they shoot anything that moves. [Can you say "Dick Cheney"?]

He also plays guitar in a local band.

His wife works at the post office. She told me about delivering mail to the Los Almos labs.

When the family went out for BBQ, they showed me the gates to the labs.

Later on that evening, I wondered if I ate BBQ beef or aliens.

The next day the crew drove me down to a truck stop in Albuquerque and dropped me off.

I hitchhiked past Flagstaff, Arizona and then...

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