Monday, February 12, 2007

My January Journey VIII

I spent a cold night outside and couldn't get a ride from anybody! Sunday morning found me crumpled on the ground, half-asleep near a guard rail.

An Arizona State Trooper pulled up and thought I was dead.

I sat up and scared him.

He drove me down to a truck stop. I noticed a sign that said "Seligman 2 miles" and decided to go for it.

When I was almost into town, limping and dragging my feet, a guy pulled up beside me in a pick up truck.

I ended up in a church service and then a very kind woman drove me to Kingman.

She discussed my options and then got me a bed, [in a room of my own, no less!] in a domestic violence shelter.

The next day [after much cajoling by the woman]I boarded yet another Greyhound bus that took me to Las Vegas, Nevada and then to Salt Lake City, Utah [yes, I said Utah!], Boise, Idaho and finally to where I am now: Ontario, Oregon.


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