Monday, April 02, 2007

And You Call Yourself Anonymous

I received the following comments and decided to post them here. I will also respond to them here. Heh-heh-heh!

Now, Campers, you KNOW that I will have a field day with this. betcha!

The comments from Anonymous first, unedited:

["You can't expect all people everyywhere to just drop everthing that they're doing to help you. If you are spending this much time on the road you certainly must have have some kind of an income. You also have the useage of a very good digital camera. You're obviously bright. Why haven't you settled down? Stop whining about your foot--if you get disability you also have insurance, which is more than 90% of the world gets. So do what is best for YOURSELF and that includes your foot, and get an apartment. That's IF you really ARE worried about your foot--and aren't just using it as an excuse to bash people.

On the plus side tho I must also add it's good that you are noting the foibles of the shelter system though. And it's true--where there's homelessness there's also people making ca$h profit. Kenneling people is big bucks in this country!!

But since most of these shelters are geared towards the local needs why don't you try youth hostels instead...? Or, settle down? The risks are YOURS to take. No one else's..stop putting the responsibility for your health on another. You life is your own, just as our lives are our own. How 'bout some snaps of YOU volunteering at a soup kitchen? I'm sure there are many others worse off than you who could use your expertise in electronics. Please stop talking about your own needs so much...there are millions of children living in shelters right now...take THAT one on!!

Have a wonderful week and I hope your Easter is beautiful. Love from a fellow homeless person. Who volunteers too."]

Now, my response:

Anonymous Idiot:

You are a total jackass.

What does my "income" (or lack, thereof) have to do with my "time on the road."??

It sounds like you might be a resident of Little Rock, Arkansas who didn't pick me up when I was there. And now you feel guilty. So you wrote me a stupid note to make yourself feel better about it.

Do you feel better now?

It doesn't matter, you freaking moron!

Because God saw to it that I got a ride that day and it didn't bother HIM at all!

Your assumptions are asinine.

I don't and never have used a "very good digital camera."

I buy a disposable camera for ten-bucks, shoot the film, then take the camera back to Wal-Mart. The photo lab there develops my photos in an hour, I pick-up and pay forthe CD-rom and upload the pics to the internet. I then edit them via Yahoo photo before posting them on my blog.

My left foot is deteriorating. Any treatment will most likely be invasive and that I will not pursue until I return to Alaska in June.

Until then, I'll damn well talk about my foot (and any other part of my 51-year-old anatomy) as much as I want!

The driver who finally got me out of Little Rock, Arkansas bought me a cane and gave me a cross on a beautiful chain. He blessed me, I blessed him and God blessed us both. So bite that!

And what's with your use of the word "foibles"??

How old ARE you??

I'm granny-age and even I don't use that word!

And not everyone whois helping the homeless is making a "cash profit." In fact, many sincere organizations are fighting just to get by, you dumass!

And where do you, major league hoser, get off stating that "kenneling people is big bucks in this Country"??!


If you think that homeless people are on the same level as dogs, I hope you choke on your next Scooby snack!

I am a bit old for "youth hostels" and I AM going to hang-up my highway shoes when I return to Alaska. I have clearly stated that at the top of this blog. And I am disgusted with your BLIND IGNORANCE!!!

"I'm sure you could use your expertise in electronics."

What does THAT mean?

I know the basics of computer language and operation but I'm no graduate of Radio Shack.

I'm gathering the last of fifteen-years worth of material which I will use to WRITE A BOOK! YEAH! A BOOK!!!

"Please stop talking about your own needs so much."

Well, hells bells, this is MY BLOG where I'll talk about whatever I want...including ME!

I also discuss everything from global warming (see my link list if that isn't too complicated a task for your pea-brain to handle!) to missing people.

What do YOU do besides pour soup, asshole?!!

I don't consider myself to be homeless but I'm certain that YOU wouldn't reach enlightenment between four walls and a roof!

May many bad bunnies dump rotten eggs in your basket this Easter. May they reward you
with a direct hit!

You, Anonymous Idiot, deserve that.


Luka said...

some people are just morons! sorry you had to deal with that one! :(

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Thank you, Luka! Mwah! You are a sweet lady!

alyceclover said...

"ROFL". Or "you go girl".

BudoDog said...

Just sayin Hi. Hope ya made it out of Ontario without any problems. Keep talkin to God! Let me know when that book is done! Kelly

Ruthie In The Sky said...

You cretin. You total asshole!

I have insurance???


For what, genius?

Your asinine assumptions are just the grist that the poobahs chomp on before they poop-out the crap that we've had to live with for far too long!

Track THAT, you gutless poster!

This in response to a person who posted without a name or anything [does that surprise you?] on a website called BlogPulse.

That person said: "Stop whining about your foot--if you get disability you also have insurance, which is more than 90% of the world gets. ... I know the basics of computer language and operation but I'm no graduate of Radio Shack...."

I don't think that idiot graduated out of the sandbox!