Monday, April 09, 2007

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I'm here in Washington State, Campers. But I am not staying. Not in this city, anyway.

I was picked up by a psycho trucker who drove me from Ontario, Oregon to a rest area.

The rest area was past the one by the interstate 82-84 split which didn't help my situation at all!

So there I was, 10:30 at night at a rest area past where I wanted to be which also put me on the wrong side of the interstate.

To make matters worse, the rest area had some ongoing sewage problems and so the nice, warm building was closed. The only thing available besides two lonely vending machines (neither which offered hot coffee) were three portajohns.

Oh joy!

A local cop came by, picked me up and took me to the rest area on the other side of the interstate.

I shivered and waited for daylight.

Then I struggled to get a ride (ALL DAY!) and finally got to Pasco, Washington as the sun was setting.

That's when I called the cops who told me that the shelter was 24 blocks away.

As I was dragging myself along in that direction...two young women on foot stopped and asked me if I needed help.

I looked at them, started laughing, leaned on my cane and said "Yeah."

They paid my cap fare to the shelter and slipped fifty-dollars into my hand.

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