Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ruthie On The Road, Update II

They passed around a paper that had some kind of dot pills glued on
it. They also had other pills and even brought up the "o" word:

When the place opened up, I went in and took a staff person aside and
told him about what was going on.

The guy worked to try and get me a place to stay overnight in Olympia.
He came up with a hostel.

BUT, when I got to the hostel, I discovered that I was supposed to
sleep in a room with three men! I am not kidding!

Sure, they had their own beds but they were all crammed together. I
thought that I would be staying in a women's section. Nope, they
wanted me to sleep in a room with a bunch of grown men!

So I left.

I took a shuttle bus down here to Aberdeen where I found a men's gospel mission.

And I went in there and asked for some assistance in finding overnight shelter.

A very obese guy tried several numbers and then threw up his hands.

He said that the women's shelter was full and nobody else was
answering the phone.

A resident who was cleaning the floor told the guy, "Why don't you
contact the pastor?"

The man gave the resident a nasty look and said, "He isn't supposed to
be bothered with this sort of thing."

I immediately thought about you, Rick, and stood there absolutely stunned.

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