Monday, April 09, 2007

Ruthie On The Road, Update

I stayed at the shelter for one night. And geez was I hungry when I got there!

There were three staff people on-duty and only two women staying at the shelter. I thought that was strange.

One of the staff people sailed past me with a full plate of food.

"Food!" I said.

"I heard your comment" she said.

Then she brought me a cup of ramen noodles. I looked at her plate and at the cup in my hand.

I decided that, even though it was supposed to be a "gospel mission", God didn't have much to do with that place.

I left Friday morning and ended up in a motel room. I was supposed to stay there for a week. But I left today because there is too much bad activity going on around there.

The organization that offered me that motel paid the charlatans who "run" the thing $225.00 for a week stay.

Talk about wasting good money on bad people! The people that own that place should be thrown out of town!

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