Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Ruthie On The Road, Update

Now here's what happened:

I left Aberdeen on a shuttle driven by a manic Asian. It appeared to me once we left civilization that the driver's sole purpose in life is to try and crash his bus.

Preferably with me in it.

At several points along the bone-jarring journey, Mr. Wing Wang almost sent the bus hurtling through the air. I was certain that he was aiming for Weyerhauser's densest concentration of available pine trees.

Yes, Campers, as the miles whiplashed by, I caught myself singing "George, George, George of the out for that tree!"

I could tell by the mad glint in his almond-shaped eye, that Mr. Wing Wang was not amused.

He dropped me off in a little town where I am a lovely old library that resembles a Bavarian church...using this computer.

I walked over to the visitor center and am now going to sleep in a VERY NICE, COMFORTABLE motel tonight.

And tomorrow I will resume my trek south with, you guessed it, Mr. Wing Wang and his manic bus.

Rick, and Connie have done it again.

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