Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ruthie On The Road, Update III

The man got me into his air-conditioned car and gave me some chilled bottled water. When I could speak, I shook his hand and we rode on through small towns in Idaho and Utah to Grand Junction, Colorado.

Along the way, we talked about the dangers of hitchhiking and how people's attitudes have changed since the hitching decade of the 70's. We also swapped stories about West Virginia.

It was a great ride and he sure drove like he was part of an unstoppable machine!

After he dropped me off in Grand Junction, Colorado I ate at a local soup kitchen and then walked back out onto the interstate.

I sat down on a guardrail and tried to get a ride for several hours. And then a young State Police trooper pulled up.

We discussed my situation and he decided that it was too late for me to be sitting out there.

So, he took me over to a VERY FANCY hotel, checked me in and left me with dinner, to boot!

I was about to sink into the tub for a cool bath when the phone rang.

"Hmm..." I thought, "It must be the officer contacting me about something."

So, I picked up the reciever and said a cheery "Hello" and then

...a voice that I didn't recognize said, "Hello, I'm Derrick."

"Oh, you must have the wrong room" I said.

"No, I'm calling you, the lady that was hitchhiking out on the interstate and got picked-up by the cops."

I stared at the phone.

Nobody, except the officer and the staff at the hotel...knew my name, room number and the fact that I was there.

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