Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ruthie On The Road, Update IV

"Who is this?!" I demanded.

"Well...I went by you on the interstate in a big truck. You were standing there with that cop. I knew that you were hitchhiking. So I called the State Police dispatch and they told me that you came here."

"Where are you calling me from?!" I asked, getting very concerned. And mad.

"I'm downstairs using the courtesy phone in the lobby." He replied.

"How did you get my room number?!" I asked, now totally angry.

"That's not important, I just want to know if you are still heading east and if you need a ride."

This conversation led to the man coming up and actually knocking on my hotel room door!!

The hotel security contacted the police and they ordered the man to leave me alone and leave Grand Junction, immediatly.

I found out through my conversation with the trucker that he works for a company in Iowa. I ran the information through Google on my phone, got the number and called his boss the next day.

I assume the man is now fired.


dry_grain said...

....why did you get a man fired for offering you a ride?

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Welcome to the REAL world, you dingbat wuss! I share my name, face and life with the world and you won't even share your blog!

Buc, buc, buc, buc, b-DACKKK!

Chicken writer.

You are such a mental midget that not only didn't you get the point of my post [try re-reading it REALLLLY SLLLLOOOOWWWW and you might get it, yet!] but you also don't have a public link to YOUR blog.

What's the matter, "dry husk"...I mean "wheat"...are you afraid to show me YOUR creative work?


You need to re-think your gutless, foolish self.

Stupid boy!