Monday, May 21, 2007

Ruthie On The Road, Update VIII

The next day I met a nice lady at an organization who bought me a bus ticket to Salina, Kansas. The bus didn't leave until the next day, so back I went to a motel where I washed my clothes, ate and fell asleep.

NOW, when I checked into that motel [different than the first one] I asked for a wake up call that never rang.

By the time I woke up, I was scrambeling.

And the darn bus station was so far away!

And of course, the city bus ignored my waves and passed me by!

And predictably, the Greyhound pulled out of the station just before I got there!

Sooooo...I waited for the city bus to come around again...growled at the driver...then walked down to the ramp...and kicked the guardrail.

[Hurt my foot!]

Five minutes later, a guy stopped his car and opened up the door. He smiled, I smiled and a new friendship was born.

We got out of his car near Vail, and threw snowballs at each other at 10,000 feet.

He was going to his friend's wedding and drove me through Denver to a ramp out in the rural plains.

For the rest of that day, I waited to get a ride. And didn't.

Finally, I limped down the interstate to the rest area. [Wow! What a long-ass driveway to that rest area!]

When I left there, I saw the sign. Right there. In front of me. In red, white and blue.

"Junction I-70 East --> 4 miles."

I winced and started up the country road that would disappear to paved darkness when the sun set.

My left foot hurt like hell.

I put my thumb out and prayed.

Then, a pickup stopped and a man with his young son, picked ME up and drove me the four miles up to the ramp.

I sat down on the God-blessed guard rail and wondered what to do next.

It was Saturday night and I waited for the wild hour when the drunks would show up.

Suddenly a cop pulled up in a canine rig. As he stepped out of the SUV, the dog in the back made his presence known.

Then a female State cop joined us, followed by a member of the Sheriff's department.

"Whatever happened...I didn't do it." I said and spread my arms, palms open.

They grinned and we ended up having an interesting conversation about hitchhiking and laws and rural people with too much time on their hands.

It seems that a couple of hicks decided to call several branches of the local police and stir up some excitement [I'm sure that the most that ever really stirs up around there is dust] by claiming that I was about to jump off the interstate overpass!

Anyway...the cops took me to a truck stop and checked me into a trucker's motel. The TV didn't work but the bed was comfy, there was a coffee-maker and brew in the room, and I fell in love with the shower.

I ate what the cops provided for me and laughed about the idea of my taking a flying leap off a bridge.


Nobody is getting rid of me that easy! Whoa, no!

I have a tell-all book to write. DID YA HEAR THAT?!!

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