Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ruthie On The Road, Update

Hello, Campers! Rather than jump to the present, I am going to tell you what happened to me after my last entry [April 25].

I never did get on Mr. Wing Wang's bus again. Instead, I hitch-hiked out and got back to Astoria, Oregon.

It was there that I met a man named Phil, who is a true angel!

He took the time to call [from his office] all over Oregon and Washington State in an effort to find a shelter that would be willing to keep me for eight weeks. That is all the time I need to get the money I need to return back to Alaska.

To our dismay, we discovered that no shelter in the State is willing to keep me for that amount of time.


Unless, of course, I forget about Alaska [no way!] and establish residency in their community.

I obviously don't want to do that.

The domestic violence shelters won't take me because I'm not tied to a violent, psycho abuser. The family shelters are out. Ditto for the rehab units.

So I set out on the road to find somewhere that has room at the inn. On my terms.

I hitchhiked from Oregon to Idaho to Utah to Colorado and to where I am now in Kansas.

Before I left Astoria, Phil pressed $100.00 in my hand. Thank you for your generosity, Phil!

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