Monday, May 21, 2007

Ruthie On The Road,Update IX

The next morning, as a huge anvil cloud fanned-out in the blue sky above me, I walked down to the ramp and...

...up rolled Matt.

I liked him immediately.

He is twenty-six and cool as Cherry Garcia ice cream!

He decided to drive me all the way to Salina, Kansas.

Along the way, we took a detour and ended up eating BBQ in a tiny cabana in [Spelled just like that!] Bogue, Kansas. Yes, Campers, I said Bogue.

The meal was delicious, the folks were friendly and we saw a place that is still back in the 1960's. The early sixties, yo!

It was a hound named Bocephus, a tractor rusting in weeds and a country song on an old juke box.

It was downright surreal.

Matt and I were mesmerized.

We stopped after dinner on a two-rut mud road by a grassy field and shot photos. Then we poked around in an abandoned house.

Time stopped. Just for a fraction of existence.

And oh, what a fantastic experience it was!

It was all the way a banjo day.


mary said...

Welcome back. Wow! Snowballs one day and sweat city the next. Your life is kind of like the weather with this day being one of the sunny ones.

Matthew said...

Cherry Garcia, eh? I'll take it. Thanks for the good company, Ruthie - hope you got a hold of some sun screen, although I see you've survived much worse after leaving Salina. Was wondering if you still have that picture of me standing in the wheat field?


Ruthie In The Sky said...

Matt... heh-heh-heh.