Thursday, June 21, 2007

And No One Stopped, Continued...

The lights were very bright and it was as cold as the inside of an air-conditioner in the ER.

A nurse laid four heated, thermal blankets over me.

One face after another appeared over me, as I was poked, prodded, photo'd, x-rayed, cathetered (THAT SHOULD BE ILLEGAL!), CAT-scanned, stiched-up and questioned.

One very kind doctor FINALLY took that damned neckbrace off and I fell into a deep sleep.

I was in the ER ICU Trauma Unit for twelve hours before I was transferred to a private room.

I look at it as almost a dream now. Surreal.

But the recovery has been a very clear-cut nightmare.

I have had sutures removed and have been to an eye doctor (that I didn't like).

My eye is still swollen (I have a very colorful shiner) and the cuts below my nose are healing in a jagged sort of way.

I will have a permanent scar there.

But what bothers me the most is the question that I have run through my mind over and over since the attack took place:


I will never get over that.

And I swear that if I ever see an injured person, anywhere, waving or calling for help...I'm going to darn well GET INVOLVED and HELP that person!!!!!


Luka said...

Ruthie, that's so awful! *hugs and love*!

alyceclover said...

I guess the good news is the scum did not rob you? And you made it out alive. Calling 911 is such an easy way to help a stranger, if one is too fearful to get involved. Sad.

geoff said...

damn you are brave. that is my worst nightmare.

you trust people and you get places, then you see the worst of people. i hope you're recovering well.

Ruthie In The Sky said...

Thanks Campers! I won't let an event like that stop me.

I will, however, stay forewarned and well-armed.

Take that exactly as you read it!!!