Monday, July 09, 2007

Hollow People

My friend Chuck Chambers, a private investigator from Florida, sent me an email that [with his permission] I am going to share with you here. I think Chuck nailed it down:

["I see you have had some bad events Ruthie and I am glad you were not hurt worse or killed. That is the one thing that always bothered me about your adventures. The possibility was always lurking in each day of your journey. The world has some very sick people in it and a person walking alone is an easy target at the right time and place.

I guess I have seen so much of this I am used to it. You get callouses emotionally when you deal in blood and pain everyday in case after case. Many people who read about it will gasp in shock and dismay. I hate to hear anyone getting harmed, especially a friend, but I am one of the few that knows just how rotten some humans can be. The ones that drove past remind me of the 18 people that stood and watched as my grandson was beat to death. No one wants to get involved, no one cares. I saw in the news where people kept shopping and stepping over a lady who got stabbed and she bled to death. The security cam caught the shoppers on tape as they stopped and took a picture with their cell phones and paid for their snacks and walked on away.

Our race, the human beings, have become hollow beings and have no heart inside them any longer. Thank goodness you survived and yes, no one will be there or help when the dragon appears. He is hungry and will feed again and again because he can. Because people pass by."]

Chuck meets hollow beings every day in his job. Yet, he still has a good, solid heart that beats for all the right reasons.

Campers, there's something to be said for that!

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