Friday, August 24, 2007

Ruthie's Summer IV

A woman who works as a caseworker at the second shelter in Lawrence, Kansas ended up driving me forward to Atchison, Kansas.

We met with a nun from a convent there who put me up in a motel over the weekend, brought me meals from the cafe next door and shared her wisdom.

Two days later, she drove me out to the edge of town and I hitchhiked over the border to St. Joseph, Missouri.

I stayed at a VERY MODERN Salvation Army facility overnight and then moved on the next day to Iowa.

And that's where the rides slowed down and almost stopped.

During my time in Iowa, I got a chest cold of all things! In the middle of June! I sat on a guard rail, coughing up yellow and green and got very tired.

That's when I decided to turn around.

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