Monday, August 27, 2007

Ruthie's Summer IX

The organic farmer's wife is from Russia. And in between nursing a baby and amusing a five-year-old [both boys] she made a killer soup!

She also baked organic cookies, put-up homemade raspberry jam and taught me some of her native language.

The cabin was a total mess when I arrived, but over time the curtains got washed, the windows were wiped, the cupboards were scrubbed out and it was put back in decent shape.

And when I wasn't cleaning up the cabin, I ate fresh raspberries off bushes near the main house and drank cold water from a spring.

Without the plastic bottle.

At night, I watched huge moths circle the porch light outside the cabin. They were graceful and amazing to behold!

The five-year-old boy became my best buddy and after he caught a lizard, he carried that thing with him everywhere!

One day I left the mountain and when the organic farmer's wife dropped me off at the motel in Hood River, I told her something that I'm sure she remembered later on that day.

I told her: "Be grateful for everything that you have...for it could be gone one day in the blink of an eye."

A few hours later the bridge in Minneapolis, Minnesota collapsed.

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