Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ruthie's Summer

I am going to begin my update my taking you back to the beginning of June.

I already posted about my wonderful drive with Matt.

He eventually dropped me off at a shelter [more like an old house] in Salina, Kansas.

That is quite a place! A shell of a once-beautiful home that is now beat to hell.

And the worst part about it was the fact that the people who worked there wouldn't allow me to sleep downstairs.

Soo...I struggled up a steep staircase, big backpack, cane and all.

The next day I walked quite a ways down to the local Salvation Army office where they packed me up a bag of food, gave me a jug of ice water, put me in a van and drove me down to the on ramp heading east.

I stood there chomping on chicken until an off-duty cop drove me to Lawrence, Kansas.

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