Saturday, August 25, 2007

Ruthie's Summer VII

Yeah, I was jumped from behind by several teenage thugs in the middle of the night. I spent three days in the hospital and then boarded a bus back to Ontario, Oregon.

It was a long journey with everyone pretending not to stare at my beat-up face.

My friends, Jeanette and Renee, cared for me in Ontario. I stayed at a safe-house there for a week and then Renee put me in a motel.

I stayed in Ontario for six weeks and mended.

During that time, I returned to my bank, got a post office box and helped Renee with one of her many projects: "Summer Lunch In The Park."

Kids from all over a poor neighborhood came to the park for a nice lunch and an hour of art and craft.

We had a great time!

Then as July progressed, it became VERY HOT!

In the middle of the afternoon, all I heard outside my motel door was the whirrr of air conditioners.

I eventually took over the tab at the motel. And Jeanette, the woman who had been the backbone of the safe house, was "dismissed" by the new director.

The director, that I met, is a cold person who's as abrasive as sandpaper!

I couldn't do anything about that situation but I decided that I was strong enough to change my location again.

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