Tuesday, September 25, 2007


An Open Letter To The City Of Lima, Ohio:

I am writing this letter to tell you about something that happened to me yesterday in Lima...and it never should have.

I got off a Greyhound bus and I was headed for the Samaritan House shelter.

I am returning to my home in Ontario, Oregon with my backpack and my cane. I was granted a bus ticket from the kind folks at the Salvation Army in Findlay to Lima.

When I walked past the Health Department and got close to the corner across the street from the police station, etc. I fell. Hard.

My left foot caught on a raised part of the sidewalk almost directly in front of the little city bus stop shelter. And I fell, with the weight of the pack pulling me forward, directly into the concrete sidewalk.

My nose was scraped and smashed, my knees bruised and my head started to hurt like hell.

I was a fifty-two year old woman, crumpled and bleeding on the pavement. I was injured and obviously in pain.

And it could have been [it wasn't, but you see my point] the result of a sudden stroke, or heart attack or a number of other serious health threats.

And you know know what?

Nobody stopped to help me. A line of cars slowly went by but nobody stopped to do a thing for me.

People walked by me on the sidewalk.

Finally, I yelled for help and stated that if people continued to ignore me then shame on them all.

That's when a young man swung his car into the nearby parking lot and came over to assist me.

But he wouldn't drive me to the hospital in his car.

Instead he called an ambulance and told me that he didn't know me so he didn't want to let me in his car.

All I could think of was: Lima is the MEANEST city in the United States.

I eventually made it by ambulance to St. Rita's hospital. Now I have a swollen and very sore nose, [probobly followed by black eyes] and a large scrape on the side of my nose. My knees are bruised but my sense of what is right and wrong is still intact.

Which is more than I can say for all of the people who ignored me when I needed help in Lima.

The sidewalk has to be smoothed-out. It is a hazard.

My glasses, that I just got last month, are scraped and damaged.

They should be replaced.

My hospital bill should be covered.

And the people of the City of Lima, Ohio should be ashamed for what they didn't do for me.

A cab driver told me that LIMA stands for Lost In Middle America.

I disagree.

To me, LIMA stands for LEFT IN MEAN AMERICA.


kali robinson said...

how awful. it seems to be a universal affliction.. to walk by when someone needs help coz 'surely' someone else will come to their aid.

i am so very sorry this was your experience. may an legion of angels always walk by your side and help keep you protected.

Anonymous said...

i bought the book, candle in
the window today by solzhenitsyn.
about cybernetics. in sovietism
the basics are guaranteed.
in america nothing is guaranteed.
you just have to shift for
yourself. god bless ya ruthie.
take good care. i hope to hear
from you soon. love ya, terry cordoba