Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bye Bye, Bus!

I endured the bus ride all the way to Colby, Kansas and then bailed. The bus pulled into a MacDonald's for a meal stop and I grabbed my bag. Fifteen-minutes later I was standing in a wonderful shower at a nearby truck stop.

Then I hitchhiked to Denver.

And when I got there, I ended up on a very small ramp during morning rush hour.

Two cops from a nearby suburb finally stopped and got me out of there.

One of the officers, a detective, decided to drop me off at a much better ramp.

Before he left, he handed me twenty-dollars and gave me a hug.

My experience in Grand Junction flashed through my tired brain.

A woman, named Pam saw the cop hug me and decided that I was worth picking up. So she stopped and gave me a ride to Fort Collins, Colorado where she works.

We drove all over that city looking for a decent shelter where I could go to sleep. And we were turned-away at every door.

So she brought me to her work.

For confidential reasons, I won't go into details but I did get to go to sleep that day. And after work, Pam drove me up to Laramie, Wyoming where I spent the night in a motel courtesy of the Laramie police department.

The next day, I spent all day trying to get OUT of Laramie. FINALLY, I got picked-up by a couple who took me to a truck stop outside of Rawlins, Wyoming.

I stood there with my thumb out for about twenty-minutes. And then an old broken-down jalopy of a pickup slowed to a stop.

The young man inside grinned through the cracked, bug-encrusted windshield.

Oh boy...I thought...I bet he's going to take me five miles down the road and run out of gas.

Instead, he drove me, in one night, from Rawlins, Wyoming to the Interstate 82-84 split in north central Oregon.

He told me that he took me about 900 miles. I am not sure. But I do know that he drove like an obsessed maniac.

He raced past every big truck on the road, singing country songs at the top of his lungs.

We passed Ontario, Oregon before the sun came up and I got the dumb idea to continue on to Portland.

Yeah, Yeah, I know.

He dropped me off where the two interstates separate after the sun came up.

And I turned my face to the morning traffic, wondering when I would ever go to sleep again.

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